Finding Too Left Feet -

If Just Looking Down Doesn't Work

In case you didn't pick up on all the other places where I told you how to contact me...

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  • This is our web site: .  This works, too: as does this: wWw.ToOlEfTfEeT.cOm (ain't computers cool?)
  • This is Allen's E-mail address:  This works, too: and yada, yada, yada....
  • This is Edie's E-mail address:
  • This is Allen's cell number: (614) 403-3630.  He never answers calls from unrecognized sources, but you can always leave him a message.  
  • For those with GPS units in their cars, this is our address: 6255 Alrojo St, Worthington, OH, 43085-3572.  You can also mail checks, money orders, cash, jewels, precious metals, or other gifts to this address: no special occasion required!  DO NOT ABANDON CHILDREN, KITTENS, PUPPIES, OR OTHER LIVESTOCK AT THIS ADDRESS!
  • Alrojo St. runs south from SR-161, one street west of Olentangy River Rd.  Our house is the second on the right (west).  The house number is on the big black mailbox out front, and over the garage door.