Too Left Feet Dances with Children of All Ages at the Family Fun Dance!

Ever see a six year old doing a square dance?  Or the Tango?  Or the Virginia Reel?  If not, bring your own or borrow one of the neighbor's kids, and come see what happens!  It's more fun than a barrel of... primates!

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Your family is invited to the
Family Fun Dance

Enjoy an afternoon with your entire family - from babes to grandparents
with solo, partner and group dances to a variety of music.

Due to Circumstances Beyond Our Control, the public Family Fun Dances are currently suspended.  We are in search of a new sponsor.  Sorry!!  But we can do a Family Fun Dance for your special event: use the contact information below.


Each dance will be introduced for fun and safety by
social dance teachers Edie and Allen Driskill.


Adult's must be accompanied by at least one child and every child must have a parent, grandparent or guardian present.  Light snacks and beverages will be provided.


Questions? Special Dance Requests?
Contact Shilah Griffeth 614/599-8593 or


CHECK OUT other dancing opportunities at