Famous Students, Infamous Students, and Celebrity Students, of Too Left Feet

Some of Too Left Feet's Most Famous Students Appear Below.  You, too, can become part of this illustrious crew!

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Arnold Hampster

I bet you were expecting this one, right?  Who did you THINK taught all those hamsters to dance?  Hamsters are among my prize students, because so many of them start out with FOUR left feet!  P.S. - The hamster pictured could already sing- I can't take credit for that!


Waltzing Wendall

 Everybody's heard of cat-dancing, right?  After lessons from me, Wendall went on to a prosperous lounge-act career.  Unfortunately, Wendal disappeared mysteriously one night; witnesses say two small dogs walked in, and waltzed out with the cat!


Booby Bird

After my instruction, the Blue-Footed Booby Bird now uses dancing to get chicks!  This doesn't work as well for human beings, but it does give you something to do while you're figuring out what to say next.


The Brown Bear Brothers

Does a wild bear dance in the woods?  After lessons from me, yes, they do.

  Remember, they say it's not how well the bear dances, it's just a wonder that the bear dances at all!


Bare-bones dancers

Otherwise known as "The No-Frills Dancers", or the "Dem Dry Bones Cabaret Dance Team!"  These are only guys I know that can walk through airport security without EVER being stopped.

Cinthia Centipede

How do you teach a centipede to dance?  "One foot at a time."


Milly Millipede 

Even harder to teach than Cinthia Centipede, but another success story for Too Left Feet.


Lady Shiva

Some people really do dance better after a few drinks.  I'm still working on her freeky arm styling.


Nadine the Wood Nymph

This student never got the hang of fast dances, but you should see her during a wind storm!


Marion and Marty

NO ONE is lighter on their feet than these two!


Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris doesn't really dance; he roundhouse kicks to the beat.