How Do You Pay for Too Left Feet Services?

Happily and Generously, of Course!

And Just About Any Way You Want!

Well, just about any way that involves actual U.S. money coming into my possession.  

Also, certain personal services can be accepted as barter; see list below.

I Accept:
  • Cash (preferred)
  • Checks  (U.S. Banks)
  • Money Orders (U.S. Banks)
  • PayPal
  • Credit cards (via PayPal)
  • Mowing
  • Snow shoveling
  • Gutter cleaning
I Do Not Accept:
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Plants
  • Relationship Advice
  • Used Computers
  • Wire Coat Hangers

About Checks and Money Orders

  • Make payable to  "Allen Driskill" please.
  • U.S. Banks only, please!
  • If mailing a payment, send to: Allen Driskill, 6255 Alrojo St, Worthington, OH 43085-3472

About Cash

  • DO NOT SEND CASH THROUGH THE MAIL! (Those crafty scanning machines at the USPS can slit open an envelope and extract the contents in the blink of an eye!  Wait.  What?  Did I say that out loud?  No? Good...)
  • U.S. currency, only; I have no idea what I'm worth in duckets or gold-pressed Latinum!

About PayPal

I don't actually WANT you to use PayPal; this is just offered as a convenience to you.  PayPal keeps changing its mind about processing fees at my end, but at the moment there are usually none, even when you use a Credit Card.

You can do PayPal "by hand":

  • You DO NOT need your own PayPal account to use PayPal!
  • You WILL need a working email account
  • Go to
  • Use the "Send Money" Option
  • And the math goes like this:
    • For 1-3 lessons: $60 each
    • For 4 lessons: $200 each
    • Get 100 lessons: You're kidding, right?
  • Send to

About Credit Cards

  • I am set up to accept credit cards through PayPal only. 
  • Do PayPal from home, or on your phone; my studio computer is ancient, and it never works under pressure!
  • Whatever card PayPal lets you use, that's OK with me.

About Refunds

  • No refunds are issued until the original payment clears my bank.  You tricky dogs from Sweden who want to pay for months of lessons in advance of your trip to the U.S. need to find a new dodge; I will NOT tip your driver.
  • At any time, you may decline to pay for a lesson just taken, and/or request a refund for all unused lessons.

  • Refunds may not be issued in cash since I don't keep loads on hand.  You may have to wait for a check in the mail.

  • Why am I talking about this?  Nobody ever asks for a refund...

About Receipts

  • Cheerfully provided, just ask!
  • Despite my Profit and Loss statement, I am not a charity, and therefore not deductible as a charity or retirement plan. Consult with your tax adviser if you decide to ignore me.
  • Some Employers and Insurance/Health plans will pay for dance lessons as an exercise program!  Talk to your Agent or HR Department for more information.

No real fine print. 
No long-term contracts.
No risk. 
No nagging. 
I'd rather you show up without your wallet or checkbook, than stand me up out of embarrassment.  You can pay me next time, or through PayPal when you get home.  No biggie!