Line Dancing at UU

with Too Left Feet


Line Up for Fun!

Hosted at:
First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus
93 W. Weisheimer Rd. (2 blks north of Henderson and High)
6pm-7pm   Every Monday Evening
Prior to the regular "Dance with UU" lessons and dance, join us for an hour of line dancing fun!  Please understand this is a seperate event, with a seperate $7 charge at the door.  W.I.L.D. members receive a $3 discount.
No registration or membership required; just show up! 
This class will use line dances that follow the basic step patterns used in social partner dancing to work on fundamentals and techniques.  Learn rhythms, foot positions, posture, balance, frame, centering, turning, and other basic dancing skills that will make lead-follow dancing a delight.
We will use both current and classic choreography from around the world to explore the fun and diversity of line dancing.  The class will move more slowly through the dances so that emphasis can be given to technique.  Each dance will be a pattern that you can use to practice at home or on the dance floor with others at social dances. Step sheets and video links will be provided for additional instructional support.
We will begin each week at 5:45 by playing music for dance practice, in the order that we have learned them. If you can come early, you can dance each of the dances that you are trying to memorize.
This class is taught by Edie Driskill, certified dance instructor with the National Teachers Association of Country Western Dance.  Please call or email with any questions.  614-214-7199
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