A Sales Pitch for Learning to Dance with Too Left Feet

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Do you watch "Dancing with the Stars" on TV and wish that was you out there? Do you watch people that "really know how to dance" at social events and wish you could, too? Would you and your Significant Other like to be the only real dancers at your High School reunion next year? Got a wedding coming up? Need a new hobby that’s fun and also mild exercise? Want to meet new people?

I can help you. I can start right now by letting you in on a couple of secrets: social dancing is NOT difficult, and does NOT take long to learn! No special physical skills are required. If you can walk in under your own power, you're halfway there. If you can also tap your foot in time to music, You're Golden!

I provide inexpensive private social dance instruction.

I call my business "Too Left Feet." The name is a joke on myself, sort-of. If you ever watched me try to play baseball, you'd understand.

I specialize in teaching beginners, and I emphasize "social" (non-competitive, informal) dancing styles. Classes are intended to be low-anxiety, non-competitive and fun for first-timers and beginners. The only goal is to become comfortable with social dancing. 

Yeah, I know you're thinking of some perfectly good excuse for not learning to dance. I've heard them all. Try it anyway. Let me help you. 

Thanks for reading this far! 



P.S. No fine print, no contracts, just fun!