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We'd Like to Work for Free, but We Can't Afford It!  We'd like to be paid what we're worth, but You Can't Afford It!  So, let's meet somewhere in the middle...

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My regularly-scheduled Sunday group classes are $5 per person for a 50 minute lesson.

Private classes (one student, or one student & a partner), in my home, are $45 for a 50 minute lesson.  If you pay in advance for at least 4 lessons, I will discount the price to $40 per lesson. If you are taking private lessons and you want to add a second couple, then they dance for 1/2 price ($20).

Specially-scheduled group classes, in my home, are $15 per person for a 50 minute lesson, four people  ($60) minimum.  Warning: more than about ten people in my basement starts to feel crowded, but it's up to you to decide how many people to invite!  A better idea, for a large group, is to move to another venue; I can help with that, but there's an extra expense.

Sometimes there are special deals.

Members of Lions Club get one free private lesson.

Current or past employees (full-time, part-time or interns) of CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) get one free private lesson.

And here's how you pay me.