The Too Left Feet Underground Dance Studio

OK; so where are you hiding your dance studio?

or "You teach in your basement ?!?!?!"

or "When we say Underground, we mean Subterranean!"

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If you were looking for something like a storefront, then, well, er, uhh.... ya see, ummm.  I don't exactly have "a studio".  Or maybe I do; it's sort-of a matter of opinion.  You see, I teach in the basement of my home.  This seems to bug some people, until they experience the down-home, casual atmosphere of subterranean dancing!

My basement is not your typical suburban dank and musty storage area, stuffed to capacity with junk and clutter.  Well, OK, the left-hand side is, sortta.  But, the right-hand size is a single 13ft by 40ft open space.  We have a waiting area, a coffee table with magazines (all about dancing, of course), a registration table, bulletin board, and a film studio.  This leaves a 13ft by 30ft totally empty area for dancing.

Please understand that Too Left Feet is strictly a low-budget, shoe-string, one-man (but high-quality!) operation with assists from my wife, and step-daughter, and friends.  I don't have any rich clients, or even hundreds of semi-rich clients. I don't have a landlord, rent to pay, or a payroll.  This is not how I "make a living."

I teach because I love dancing and I want to share it with everybody.  I spent over ten years taking very expensive lessons at an expensive dance studio.  I discovered I didn't want to compete, or just take lessons the rest of my life.  I wanted to go out dancing.

This is now the same thing I want for my students.  I'm constantly working myself out of a job: every time I get a few students to the point where they can go out on the town and dance, they don't need me any more.  That's fine, but it'll never make me rich or even let me retire early.  My wife calls this "a Ministry."  We convert non-dancers into dancers, and then we're done.

My regularly-scheduled group classes on Sunday afternoon are held in the basement of my house at 6255 Alrojo St., Worthington, Ohio 43085.  One of these days it'll get fixed up "pretty", but right now it's strictly utilitarian.  But, it's plenty big for my small classes, and it's comfortably cool all summer long.

My private lessons get taught in the same place.  Or I teach in clients' basements and living rooms, in church kitchens: whatever I and my students can work out.

Various plans are in the works for more formal places where I might teach, but for the moment, I can teach you to dance: just don't look too hard for my fancy studio!


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TLF From the Outside.  Looks like your standard, unassuming, private single-family residence, doesn't it?  Only a few of the neighbors are aware that underneath lies The Too Left Feet Underground!


TLF is also the home of the Rare Flamingos of a Different Color.  These are reclusive birds, often overlooked by visitors (they're under the big tree to the right of the driveway).  The mottled patches you see in the picture are the result of seasonal molting.  These birds change color frequently, depending on what other items get spray-painted around the house.  Do not ask about the multi-colored lumps laying on the ground underneath the birds.

 Here's the TLF waiting area: carpeted (well, actually rugged) and complete with a magazine table covered in dance magazines.  This is the area where visitors and waiting students are entertained by the family cat and official greeter: Tiki Taki


 The coat room and telephone:  I wish somebody would collect the pink scarf; it's been hanging down there for months; it'll be used in the kid's art projects, soon, I'm sure.


The TLF reception table and music station


The bulletin board


The time-keeping station and our motto: "Pobody's Nerfect"


 The official welcome sign for TLF Underground (yeah, it's misspelled- but it was a gift, and I think it compliments the ambiance better as-is): notice that the shoes are real, and are all for the left foot.


 And the dance space